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Solent Sub-Regional Transport Model (SRTM)

Introduction to the SRTM model

Solent Transport is the owner of the Solent Sub-Regional Transport Model (SRTM). The SRTM is a multi-modal transport model, covering highway and public transport modes, which allows testing of the impacts and benefits of land use and transport interventions. It also has capabilities to test the economic impacts of these interventions.

SRTM is fully WebTAG-compliant and is capable of providing outputs which can robustly support the development of transport strategies and schemes, provide information to support development of funding bids and business cases, and can inform land use strategies and development transport assessments.

SRTM is operated by SYSTRA consultancy under contract to Solent Transport. Since its development in 2010, SRTM has supported securing around £70m of transport funding in the Solent as well as informing development transport assessments and numerous Local Plans, transport strategies and studies. The model was extensively updated in 2015 and can be used for modelling of transport and land use scenarios for years through to 2041.

As the key transport evidence base for the Solent, the SRTM is supported by a number of technical reports. These provide background information on the development of the SRTM, including surveys and calibration and validation, to demonstrate that the SRTM is compliant with Government appraisal guidance. 


Reports for the current (2015 base) version of SRTM can be accessed via the links below.  


The reports below refer to the 2010 base year model. This version of the SRTM is now superseded by the 2015 base year model (see below) although some of the content of these reports (eg report on surveys) is still relevant to the 2015 base model. 

(Report R6 is the main technical study which supported the development of the Transport Delivery Plan [TDP]. It includes a detailed appraisal of a full range of transport schemes and the best performing of these were shortlisted for inclusion in the TDP.)


For more information regarding the SRTM, including queries regarding access to and use of the model, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For enquiries regarding the 2015 SRTM please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




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