About Solent Transport

Solent Transport represents a partnership of four local transport authorities, working to deliver improved transport infrastructure, networks and systems crucial to keeping the Solent region moving.

Solent Transport is changing the way the public travels in the Solent area; making it greener, healthier and economically stronger than it’s ever been before.

Through the delivery of transport solutions, Solent Transport provides leadership, strategy and direction to support sustainable economic growth in the Solent area. Originally established in 2007, Solent Transport is an apolitical partnership between the councils of the Isle of Wight, Hampshire County, Portsmouth and Southampton.

In collaboration with the local community, business, government and transport operators, Solent Transport undertakes research; develops transport policy and strategy; submits and supports funding bids; and lobbies for transport improvements that will benefit everyone.

Solent Transport also works with the Partnership for South Hampshire (PfSH) to deliver the transport objectives of PfSH’s plans to promote economic regeneration in the sub-region.

Solent Transport has developed two public-facing services, each with their own distinctive brand, which aim to improve travel around the Solent area.

Meet the team

Good governance is key to the success of the Solent Transport partnership.

The Solent Transport Joint Committee is the key decision making meeting. The Joint Committee is made up of the Executive Members for Transport from the four constituent Solent Transport authorities, each with one vote. The meeting is also attended on a non voting basis by a range of Solent Transport’s partners, including the District Councils, Department for Transport, Highways England, Network Rail and public transport operators.

Hampshire County Council Member

Cllr Adams-King - Lead Cabinet Member for Universal Services (Highways, Transport, Environment, Countryside and Communities)

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Southampton City Council Member

Cllr Eamonn Keogh - Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport

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Portsmouth City Council Member

Cllr Peter Candlish - Cabinet Member for Transport

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Isle of Wight Council Member

Cllr Phil Jordan - Deputy Chair of the Joint Committee and Cabinet Member for Highways PFI, Transport and Infrastructure

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Conrad Haigh

Solent Transport Manager

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Tim Forrester

Programme Manager: Solent Future Transport Zone

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Rob Gloyns

Logistics Theme Lead (FTZ)

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Chris Gregory

Personal Mobility Theme Lead (FTZ)

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Steve Longman

Breeze (Mobility-as-a-Service) Theme Lead (FTZ)

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Charles Nichols

Marketing & Communications Manager

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A one stop shop for all travel information about different travel choices available to the public for journeys in Southampton, Portsmouth and Hampshire

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A multi-operator public transport smartcard/ mobile app, allowing seamless journeys across the Solent area by bus and ferry.

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Our Partners

Agendas, minutes and reports for the Joint Committee meetings are available at the following links:

Solent Transport's Senior Management Board provides strategic direction to the Partnership and is attended by senior officers from the four constituent authorities. Solent Transport also holds regular Strategy Working Group meetings with key external stakeholders.

Solent Transport publishes an annual business plan. Current and historic business plans are accessible below:

Our History

Transport for South Hampshire (TfSH), the predecessor to Solent Transport, was set up in 2007 by the three highway authorities in the South Hampshire sub-region: Hampshire County Council, Portsmouth City Council and Southampton City Council. This followed earlier work carried out by the voluntary Solent Travel Partnership, to plan transport improvements for the South Hampshire sub-region.

In March 2013 Isle of Wight Council joined the Transport for South Hampshire partnership,which assumed the name of Transport for South Hampshire and Isle of Wight. An archive of studies, reports and information prepared by TfSH between 2007 and 2014 is available at our archive page.

In June 2014 Transport for South Hampshire and Isle of Wight was renamed and rebranded to become Solent Transport. Any residual references to TfSH on these pages should be taken to refer to the activities of Solent Transport prior June 2014.

The establishment and operation of the partnership are governed by a legal agreement. The agreement was considered and agreed by the Joint Committee on 16 October 2007 and was approved and sealed by the three constituent authorities (at the time) of Hampshire County Council and Portsmouth and Southampton City Councils.

Click here to view the Legal Agreement (please note that some of the working groups and bodies referred to in the legal agreement have changed).