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In addition to working to plan and coordinate investment in cross-boundary transport infrastructure, as part of a balanced investment programme, Solent Transport has secured funding for a number of transport projects and programmes that operate across the Solent area, and supports partner organisations in the submission of funding bids for transport projects.

Funding Bids

Solent Transport supports the four member authorities in the submission of funding bids through provision of expert knowledge and advice, and through use of tools such as the SRTM model to provide supporting evidence. Sometimes bids for funding are led by or submitted directly by Solent Transport.   Some of the recent funding bids which we have submitted or supported are listed below.


The Transport for South Hampshire (TfSH) website has been retained as an archive of the historic work of the Partnership. This includes a number of studies and reports back to 2007, when the Partnership was established. Click here to access the TfSH website.


An archive of studies, reports and information prepared by TfSH (the former name for Solent Transport) between 2007 and 2014 is available at our archive page. 


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