Photo credit: Helen Yates. 

Voi, the UK and Europe’s leading micromobility operator, continues its commitment to invest in the city of Portsmouth, making its e-scooter rental service more convenient as the company announces the installation of 32 new parking racks over the last six months – adding 260 parking space across the city.

Increasing total capacity by nearly a third, the addition of new parking racks in the city means the total parking provision available for riders now reaches 900 spaces (across 75 parking racks in total) – making the service even more user-friendly for residents and visitors. Working in partnership with Solent Transport Future Zone and Portsmouth City Council, Voi has made this popular service more accessible in existing areas as well as opened up more places in the city currently underserved by the scheme, such as Milton Common, Eastney Beach, and the Lock Sailing Club.

Addressing parking and improving the convenience of micromobility is an important part of helping cities transition to a decarbonised future as this low-emissions mode of transport reduces traffic jams and improves the quality of the air that people breathe. Since launching in 2021, Voi e-scooters have now become a sought-after means of transport in Portsmouth as ridership touches nearly 372,000 rides, replacing more than 165,000 short car journeys in the city. The scheme has also helped save an estimated 87 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Making it easier to park rental e-scooters can make living without a car in the city more straightforward and effortless, especially when using Voi for shopping and socialising or for the 1 in 5 riders using the service for their daily commute to work. More racks also encourage people to combine rental e-scooters with public transport. In fact, according to Voi’s latest user survey, over 47% of riders already combine rental e-scooters with public transport.

Investing in parking infrastructure is also an important part of Voi’s ongoing commitment to safety, particularly for vulnerable road users. Dedicated parking racks also ensure rental e-scooters are parked within safe areas to improve accessibility and safety for all, something which was highlighted in the 2021 International Transport Forum Report.

Jim Hubbard, Senior Public Policy Manager at Voi, said: 

“Parking racks are an important part of helping make rental e-scooters more convenient and accessible for all, especially as the car is still the dominant mode of transport in Portsmouth.

“The success of the scheme has so far helped change Portsmouth for the better. With nearly 900 safe parking spaces now available to riders across the city, it has never been easier for more people to hop on and off, leave their cars at home, and most importantly, tackle the impacts of climate change.”

Cllr Lynne Stagg, cabinet member for Traffic and Transportation at Portsmouth City Council and Chair of Solent Transport’s Joint Committee, said:

“The latest figures on rental e-scooter use show that people are using them as part of their daily routine, which is what we hoped would happen, and I’m pleased to see people are using them with other modes of public transport.

“These findings are in line with what we as a council would like to see – people travelling across our city in ways that are convenient, cost-effective and considerate. There’s also less of an environmental impact, improving air quality for everyone in Portsmouth.”

To help those feeling the pinch of the cost of living crisis, Voi is encouraging people to take advantage of its various ‘Voi 4’ discounts for riders. Aimed at those on low incomes (i.e. HC2 Certificate holders or those receiving Employment Allowance, Support Allowance, or Universal Credit), NHS staff, military personnel, veterans, and students, eligible individuals can receive between 20-50% off Voi Passes depending on the discount they are approved for.

While Voi continues its mission to create better cities for living, safety remains the rental e-scooter company’s top priority. Besides encouraging all riders to complete the RideLikeVoila e-scooter traffic school, the company organises regular online and in-person safety events – the next one is this weekend at Lakeside North Harbour – and has recently launched its newest safety campaign Let’s Get it Right to continue to educate riders to follow the rules of the road and ride safely.

The company also continues to invest in technology and infrastructure, including features such as the Parking Photo which ensures riders leave the scooter well parked at the end of each journey, and the Report a Voi page which allows anyone to easily report any misplaced scooter or instances of misuse.