The Beryl Bikes by Breeze scheme is expanding – more bikes in more locations across the Solent region will ensure that more residents will have access to a rental bike making it easier to travel across the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton in a greener, healthier way.

People will now be able to ride to and from even more locations on pedal or electric bikes. The bikes were already available at over 120 bays, but people can now hire one at a further 80 bays through the Breeze app developed by four local authorities in partnership with Solent Transport. This means that 515 bikes will be available at around 285 bay across the Solent region by the end of the summer, provided all planned bay locations are approved.

Beryl Bikes by Breeze aims to give people another way to travel sustainably across the city without needing to own or store bikes themselves. More people using the rental bikes will reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and encourage people to make greener, cleaner, and healthier journeys.

Solent Transport and it partners, alongside Beryl, are delivering rental bikes to offer a more cost-effective and coordinated approach to transforming public transport as part of the Solent Future Transport Zone.


Cllr Phil Jordan, Deputy Chair of Solent Transport’s Joint Committee said, “As Cllrs across Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight, we are rightfully proud of how the Solent Transport partnership of local authorities is delivering sustainable transport options for residents and visitors. The expansion of Beryl Bikes by Breeze makes it even easier for people to choose to travel on a cleaner and greener vehicle that reduces congestion on our road network.”

Phil Ellis, CEO of Beryl commented, “It’s great news that we’re able to further expand our bike and e-bike share schemes across the Solent region and enable even more people to take advantage of the excellent local cycling infrastructure.

“The schemes have already had a significant impact on decarbonising the region’s transport network, preventing more than four tonnes of harmful carbon emissions and replacing almost 9000 car, van, taxi or motorbike journeys across Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight.

“Our vehicles are fun, easy to use and cost-effective when compared to private vehicle ownership, removing the costs of fuel, tax, MOT, storage, insurance and maintenance, so why not give them a go this summer.”

Both the Breeze and Beryl apps are available to download from the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android users. Once registered, people will be able to use the apps to simply pick up and drop off bikes at secure parking places close to where they live and work.

Check out all the new location as they’re updated on the Breeze app.