Solent Transport has launched its Breeze for Business Project as part of the Solent Future Transport Zone (FTZ). The project is a pilot, targeting priority businesses and other organisations across the Solent region to support them in their efforts to promote adoption of the Solent FTZ developed Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) app, Breeze, to their staff, visitors, customers and others.

Breeze provides multi-modal journey planning information and the ability to book and pay for micromobility, bus, rail, car club with other services planned for integration in the future. Breeze is the UK’s first multi-city MaaS platform and currently operates across the Solent region which encompasses south Hampshire including Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, and the Isle of Wight.

Solent Transport is working alongside the Workplace Travel team at Southampton City Council to target organisations based on their level of engagement to date on sustainable transport activities and their total trip-generating size including staff, visitors, customers, students, patients and so on. This includes one to one engagement with the targeted organisations to support them in developing and delivering interventions with their people intended to promote adoption of Breeze.


The project has two key purposes:

  1. Enable a business or organisation to promote Breeze to their staff, visitors, customers and others associated with their premises.
  2. Identify a sub-set of organisations interested in developing and implementing additional features in the Breeze app that could be developed bespoke for the business community.

Participating organisations will explore how Breeze can assist in the achievement of net zero ambition, promote the health and well-being of their staff, improve the efficiency of travel to and from their location and improve the customer experience.

A dedicated landing page has been created to support the programme which organisations can download collateral to support their efforts to engage their workforce, customers and visitors. The landing page will also be used to monitor engagement.

Cllr Phil Jordan, Deputy Chair of Solent Transport’s Joint Committee says, “Engaging and supporting businesses across the Solent region is an essential pillar in efforts to reduce congestion, improve travel efficiency and deliver a better transport experience for all our residents and visitors. Collaboration of this kind helps us to ensure that the Breeze app is fit for purpose and can be developed in an iterative way that considers the needs of the region’s largest employers and generators of considerable trip numbers.”