On-road parking bays for Voi e-scooters and Beryl Bikes by Breeze have just been installed in Southampton. The trial locations – the first of their kind outside London in the UK – were identified following close work between Beryl, Voi, Southampton City Council and the Solent Future Transport Zone partnership. 

From now on Voi e-scooters and Beryl Bikes by Breeze e-bikes and pedal bikes can be parked in designated parking bays on the road in the following locations: Redbridge Hill, Wordsworth Road, Church Street, Clarendon Road, Bellevue Road, Lawn Road, Priory Avenue and Cumbrian Way. 

All of the new locations will have parking for six bikes and six e-scooters, apart from Bellevue Road, which has parking for four bikes. This means a single car parking space can now provide space for up to 12 micromobility vehicles at each of these sites. 

We’ve analysed carriageway parking types across the UK and in Europe in order to find the most appropriate option for Southampton – a painted bay with a parking corral (barrier enclosure) for sites in busier locations, and a painted bay with bollards on either end for quieter locations. 

The new locations will be monitored closely in the first month, with Voi and Beryl regularly checking fleet tidiness, usage and user feedback.  

The parking corrals have the branding of Breeze, the Mobility-as-a-Service app for the Solent region, which lets users locate and hire Voi e-scooters and Beryl Bikes by Breeze as well as plan journeys and purchase tickets for other transport modes.

If the new on-road parking proves successful, we would like to install similar parking elsewhere in Southampton and the wider Solent-region, with the aim of replacing footpath parking to keep pavements free of clutter for pedestrians.

The move has been welcomed by one of the city’s visually impaired groups, Southampton Sight. 

Southampton Sight said, “We at Southampton Sight are delighted to hear our continued concerns regarding parking bays on pavements for e-scooters and e-bikes are being positively addressed by Voi, Beryl and Southampton City Council.”  

“We recognise that e scooters have a part to play in the drive towards a sustainable future and so working towards the establishment of carriageway parking is an important step to ensure an obstacle-free pavement which is essential for people living with sight loss but is also essential in guiding the mindset of e scooter users away from our pavements and onto the roads.” 

Councillor Eamonn Keogh, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport at Southampton City Council and Board Member of Solent Transport added: “These new designated road parking bays for both Voi e-scooters and Beryl Bikes by Breeze are a great opportunity for Southampton to learn how we can improve micromobility parking and usage, supporting pedestrian space and safety.” 

Matthew Pencharz, Head of Public Policy for Voi UK, Ireland and France, said: “We’re very pleased to have been able to establish these carriageway parking spots in Southampton. 

“Road space set aside for parking e-scooters keeps pavements clear for pedestrians and encourages our riders to keep to the road rather than riding on the pavement. 

“According to our research, about a third of e-scooter journeys in the city replace car journeys.” 

 Phil Ellis, CEO of Beryl said: “We’re very happy to see the reallocation of carriageway space to accommodate e-bikes in Southampton. 

Accessible and safe parking is essential to build a sustainable transport scheme that is convenient for pedestrians and riders alike while making it easier of people to leave their cars at home.”