Solent Transport announces sole provider for rental e-scooters and bikes across south Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

From early July, Voi will be the new, sole provider of rental e-scooter and e-bikes in Southampton, Portsmouth and on the Isle of Wight, replacing all existing services operated by Beryl, which for the Island will mean both e-bikes and e-scooters. The move to a single area-wide operator will ensure the long-term financial sustainability of these transport options across south Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

All e-scooters and e-bikes will continue to be available to hire through Breeze, the local transport super-app that also offers its 29,000 users access to buses, trains, hovercraft and car club services across the Solent Future Transport Zone (FTZ) area. Access to rental e-scooters and bikes is also available through Voi’s app.

As part of the expansion, Voi plans to upgrade its e-scooter fleet in early 2025, introducing its latest model which offers improvements in durability and efficiency. Voi’s latest UK e-scooter and e-bike models offering several new features: their batteries are interchangeable between vehicle types, they have improved kickstands that can withstand wind speeds of up to 30 knots, their geo-location is accurate to 10cm, and they both have a mobile phone holder, with e-bikes also featuring a wireless phone charging pad.

All future Solent FTZ funded rental bike and e-scooter schemes, with any of Solent Transport’s partner local councils will be funded and delivered under a single operator.

Since rental e-scooter, bike and e-bike schemes launched in the Solent area, more than 208,000 people have hired the vehicles, taking over 3 million trips and travelling more than 7.3 million kms.